An Introduction to the Raspberry Pi.Raspberry-pi

The world of technology was changed when consumers could reasonably buy a laptop and carry around their office. Then the world was changed again by smart phones, allowing people to have a small device that could almost do everything a computer could do. Then the tablet come out.  Tablets allowed people to use a touch screen computer with no keyboard. This made computing possibility even more portable with a higher computing ability. Now after only a couple of years a new piece of technology is changing the computing world again.

Several new kinds of mini computers are hitting the market and are turning heads. One of them is a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a fully functional computer that can do almost anything that a desktop computer can do. This new kind of mini computer fist in the palm of your hand, is very portable, and so you can take your desktop computer anywhere you have access to a computer screen.

In the last couple years this newly developed computer has started to  become know for it’s small size. The Raspberry Pi started out in the UK as a push towards giving them to schools and allowing students to be creative with them. Just recently the Raspberry Pi has started being sold in the US and it’s been a sensations.

The Raspberry Pi’s programming and hacking options are limitless. Since the Raspberry Pi has been on the market people have created amazing media centers for their homes, creates servers, used for networking, implemented for different forms of home automation, and much much more.